Green Natural Solutions Storefront
We are located at 716 Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs, CO. Contact the owner at 970-366-9300 or call the office at 970-384-2034.
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Green Natural Solutions Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Welcome to Green Natural Solutions!

Our locals have come to know us as a place they can visit to "Expect the Best!"  We believe in taking care of our patients and going out of our way to do so. GNS recognizes that variety is the spice of life and is proud to present you with 100+ different types of medications to meet your every need. We work hard to offer you the very best medicine at a competetive price, coupled with daily sales specials to accomodate you and your current budget. We understand that many of you are facing financial difficulties in this economic climate, and we encourage you to look for the daily special and ask one of the sales associates about our caregiver discounts.